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You can get an account for here, which means that you your name is password protected and nobody else can enter hiscores with your name. As a registered user you will see only little to none adevertisements.

The account is completely free, and comes with no duties whatsoever. On the other hand the website owner isn't obliged to store your data, or keep this site running (althoug he will probably do it anyway).

Please note that you don't have to enter an email address below, it's up to you if you to decide. But if you forget your password, you can only get a new password if you entered your email address.

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You can only sign up with a name that is not yet in use. If you already have a username with some hiscores, either use the registration link that appears after entering another hiscore, or send an email to moritz [at] faui2k3 [dot] org.

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The privacy and security of your data is important to use. Your email address and password will never be shown on this website, nor given to any third party.

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