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Statistics about Sudoku Online

Here you can find links to more detailed stastics.

Statistics on the solving time of each individual Sudoku can be found on the page where the Sudoku is displayed.

Number of solved Sudokus per day. Since the third of July 2006, 776847 Sudokus were solved on this homepage, 762733 without help (98.2%).

379024 users are currently registered, they solved 409300 of these Sudokus.

This site's vistors spent 5005.5 days solving Sudokus (in sum). With a minimal wage of 8.50 € in Germany (Nov. 2015), this is equivalent to 1021122 in wages


Solved Sudokus per day of week.


Solved Sudokus per hour.


Average solving time for Sudokus solved without help, over hour of day.